Dwayne Johnson Confirms Adam Sztykiel To Write Black Adam

Shazam! is a movie that's finally getting off of the ground now that we have a director and a star. When Zachary Levi was announced as the star it came with the caveat that they were also working on the Black Adam movie starring Dwayne Johnson. However, there hadn't been any movement on that production as far as anyone else could tell aside from the casting of Johnson.

Black Adam

Today, we got some movement. According to Deadline, who co-wrote Johnson's upcoming video game adaptation Rampage, has been brought on to work on the script. Deadline says that these were "talks" but Johnson took to twitter to more or less comfirm that the writer was brought on.

What's also interesting about that is that he calls Black Adam an anti-hero instead of a villain. The character has been known to be something of an anti-hero but, traditionally, he's the main antagonist of Shazam! Are they going to try and pit these two characters against each other similar to the way the second season of Daredevil pit Matt Murdock and Frank Castle against each other? We don't know anything else about this Black Adam movie currently, not even a release date, but considering Shazam! is 2019 anything earlier than 2020 would be a huge stretch.

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