Dwayne Johnson, Tom Hanks Officially Launch 2020 Presidential Campaign And Other Highlights From Last Night's SNL Finale


Last night was a big night for Saturday Night Live. In addition to being the season finale, last night's episode was also the final one for veteran cast members Bobby Moynihan and Vanessa Bayer. But it wasn't all sadness. With Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson hosting the show, and joining the "five timers club," Tom Hanks joined Johnson onstage during the opening monologue to welcome him to the club and accept an offer to be Johnson's running mate in his 2020 presidential campaign:

Some other highlights from the show which also happen to be all the videos SNL has posted to YouTube, where they are ripe for click harvest, included the diamond-encrusted fidget spinner commercial:

A rap video with too many MCs, and a special appearance by a fan favorite character:

A reprisal of Johnson and Moynihan's pro wrestling sketch in which Johnson makes things too real:


A new superhero with a flair for fashion:

A musical performance by Katy Perry:


Cecily Strong's Gemma brings a new date to a Jurassic Park theme ride:

A callback to the post-election episode featuring Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump singing Hallelujah this time:


All of this leaves one question… have we all been worked? Or has The Rock worked himself into a shoot?

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