In Effort To Quell Boos When Roman Reigns Defeats Undertaker, WWE Adds Two Hour Pre-Show To Wrestlemania


When WWE stubbornly decided to move forward with plans to have The Undertaker job to Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania, despite a solid 2-3 years of crowds unanimously rejecting Reigns and showering him with boos whenever he appears, the company knew it would have its work cut out for it in order to prevent an all-out revolt when Reigns inevitably wins. With the top of the card loaded with part-timers, and with fan-favorites relegated to secondary title feuds or matches with McMahon family members, fans could potentially boo nonstop, straight through the final hour and a half of the show, which would wreak havoc on future video package creation. Luckily, WWE has a solid solution to this problem: tire the crowd out so that by the time Roman pins The Undertaker in what may be The Phenom's final match, fan reaction will be apathetic rather than apoplectic, due to sheer exhaustion.

To further this goal, WWE has announced that the Wrestlemania 33 Kickoff  Show will start at 5PM, bringing the total runtime of the live event to six hours, assuming they don't also add a pre-Kickoff show. With NXT Takeover and the Hall of Fame earlier in the weekend, plus the live Wrestlemania Axxess events, WWE fans should be so Wrestlemania'd out by the time The Undertaker rises, six broken hips and all, after his match to shake The Big Dog's hand and proclaim that, "This really is your yard now, Roman," fans will either be asleep or on their way to the parking lot, making it much easier to edit in wild cheers and Roman chants for the replay and YouTube video recaps.

Wrestlemania takes place on April 2 in Orlando, and can be viewed on the WWE Network for free.

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