Fairuza Balk Talks The Craft: Legacy and if Nancy Could Return Again

The Craft: Legacy was the newest '90s cult classic to return for modern audiences, and one exciting notion comes from the fact that The Craft isn't rebooted — just changing.

Slight spoilers ahead for those who haven't seen The Craft: Legacy, so consider yourselves warned! In The Craft: Legacy, we meet a new cover of four young gifted witches, with some similar themes of sisterhood. While the fashion and attitudes drastically differ from the original, the core of four powerful women struggling to find a balance of power still remains.

In the film's final moments, we learn that Lily (Cailee Spaeny) is actually the daughter of the iconically twisted with Nancy Down's, who was last seen powerless and spiraling from behind the doors of her room in an asylum. Her conclusion was the only grim outcome for one of the original withes, and The Craft: Legacy heavily hints at Lily and Nancy's connection before finally making it official. With the final shot reuniting mother and daughter, it ends very ambiguously, but fans of The Craft were truly waiting for any real connection to the original, which was probably the biggest payoff in the pseudo-continuation.

The Craft: Legacy Director Talks Film's Timing, Original's Relevance
Gideon Adlon as Frankie, Lovie Simone as Tabby, Cailee Spaeny as Lily, and Zoey Luna as Lourdes in The Craft: Legacy (2020). Image courtesy of Sony Pictures

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Fairuza Balk spoke about her role in The Craft: Legacy and if she would return for a possible third chapter of the franchise. In regards to the actors' initial involvement, she explains, "I met with Zoe [Lister-Jones] a couple of years ago, and she pitched me an idea [where] she wanted to take the premise but [inject] a lot of messages that she really wanted to get across to the public. And one of those messages was women backing women instead of women attacking women because there's been so much of that in film, way more than is needed. Her ideas were very pro-woman and women's empowerment and taking power back. And that's something that I really believe in and wanted to help her with."

As far as the chance of seeing more Nancy Downs in a continuation of The Craft, she adds, "It would really depend on the script and how they approach the character," concluding, "[A sequels] Not out of the question. But it's got to be good."

The Craft: Legacy definitely didn't contain the magic of the original, but who could turn down a potential film around one of the most legendary witches in cinema?

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