Final Fantasy 13 Is On Mobile Devices In Japan

final fantasy 13

The mobile market is king in the gaming world of Japan. Home consoles are certainly a lesser preferred choice for gaming which helps to illustrate just how different it's gaming culture is to the West's.

That's why it probably isn't that surprising that we are seeing AAA games turn up on the device. This new port is particularly impressive.

Square Enix have made the graphically intensive Final Fantasy XIII available on mobile devices, complete with touch controls.

This is achieved by streaming the game over the cloud using G-Cluster servers and outputting the game as a video. If you are in Japan you can try the first 30 minutes for free and then buy the whole thing do 2,000 yen (That's $16.60ish).

If this proves to be a huge success, it could be very interesting for the future of big games. Cloud steaming has been talked to death over the past few years, but getting a stable AAA experience on a phone is an exciting possibility. I'm going to try and watch the success of this closely.

Thanks to TechCrunch for giving me the lowdown.

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