Finding A New Frank N. Furter

There should be a list of movies that under no circumstances should anyone try to reboot / re imagine them. And on that list you should find the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Tim Curry's performance as Doctor Frank N.Furter is so iconic that just the idea of anyone else playing the role seems sacrilegious.

That said, Fox has decided to do a new version of the Rocky Horror Picture Show and have it air on TV October 20th. They released the video below about their look for a new Frank N. Furter and how they came across Laverne Cox. In the video they talk about the original film with reverence and say they're not trying to compete with it but rather pay homage. I think the casting of Cox was an inspired choice and having Curry in the show is a good call… but how it all turns out in the end will reveal if this is a true homage or a really bad idea.

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