When WWE Star Finn Balor Speaks, We All Listen

There's no denying that Finn Balor is one of the most engaging and charismatic performers in the current WWE roster. He commands a room, and has been doing so since the start of his career before WWE. He came out last night to give a passionate speech about not letting fear win (in regards to Bray Wyatt), and it was moving.

"Did everyone see when I kicked Bray Wyatt's teeth down his neck?"

And then Wyatt came out with his creepy world-eater BS, I was prepared for a lengthy match between the two. The two play off of each other beautifully well. This is a well-crafted storyline with two very opposite characters going head to head. Wyatt is a wild, chaotic type, while Balor is containing his rage (or his Demon?) in a calm and collected exterior. I'm hoping things come to head at Summer Slam, because that will no doubt be one of the best matches in that PPV.

Check out last night's showdown below.

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