Founder Thomas Tull Leaving Legendary Entertainment Under Pressure From New Owners


Many believed that, when it came to his involvement with Legendary Entertainment, for Thomas Tull, there was no way to slow down. However, it looks like Tull has found a way, as, first reported in the St. Cleve Chronicle and later picked up by THR, Tull will stop living in the past and leave the company under pressure from Chinese owner Dalian Wanda Group. Tull's relationship with the company, for which he stayed on as CEO after selling for $3.5 billion in 2016, was believed to be thick as a brick, but it seems that DWG believed that if Tull's management of the production of The Great Wall and Pacific Rim 2 took place in a tropical rainforest, they would be considered a huge bungle in the jungle.

"We are thankful to Thomas for his founding vision of Legendary as well as his commitment, leadership and partnership this past year. He will forever be part of the company's already rich legacy and powerful DNA," said DWG Senior VP Jack Gao in a statement written while sitting on a park bench with snot running down his nose. "As we move forward, Wanda aims to transform Legendary into a next generation studio of the future with a far-reaching creative and global platform. We look forward to working with the creative team to manage our already viable film slate with more to come in the near future."

As Tull embarks on a new phase of his career, which tomorrow will be considered a new day yesterday, it's important to remember that life is a long song, and he will surely have many future opportunities. Tull will shift his focus to Tull Investment Group, which invests in companies like Oculus Rift, Pinterest, and Heal, as well as other media, technology, and life science companies that might one day find a way to return proper eyesight to sufferers of strabismus like poor cross-eyed Mary, not to be confused with head of production Mary Parent, who will stay on at Legendary. Tull may be currently unable to see, see, see where he's goin' next, but, fulfilling his sweet dream, he will remain involved in Legendary's Monsterverse and Dune projects, as well as remaining a stakeholder in the company and keeping the title of Founding Chairman.

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