Gail Simone Tweets Her Love of that OTHER "Marvel Family"

Comics super-star Gail Simone took to Twitter this morning to praise the new Shazam! movie, and what makes the Marvel Family different from just about every other batch of heroes out there.

SHAZAM! - In Theaters April 5

Gail Simone

There's a lot more there, but what did Simone think of the movie itself?

SHAZAM! - Official Teaser Trailer [HD]

That's really high praise from Gail Simone, someone who has definitely put in her time in the trenches in the comic book industry! If you still haven't seen Shazam!, it's in theaters now. Here's our own Kaitlyn Booth's spoiler-free review if you need more convincing to go!

Need even more? Shazam! has already brought in $159 million in international box office sales in less than a week, which might not seem like a big number in this day and age of huge super-hero blockbuster movies… but there's a catch. Shazam! only cost something in the ballpark of $90 million to make, so it's already tracking like a champ compared to much more expensive superhero fair!

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