Greenland Sequel With Gerard Butler Sells At Cannes To STX

A Greenland sequel has been sold at the Cannes Virtual Market for a massive $75 million to STX. They distributed the original film, which found success in last year's pandemic market, and has done big streaming numbers. The sequel will see stars Gerard Butler and Monica Baccarin return, along with director Ric Roman Waugh and writer Chris Sparling also back in the driver's seat behind the camera. The deal for the sequel was reported on by Deadline. The film will look to go in front of cameras sometime in early 2022. Butler and Waugh also worked together on the action pic Angel Has Fallen.

Greenland Trailer Debuts, As Gerard Butler Battles The Apocolapse
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Greenland Was Actually Not Too Bad…Not Sure On A Sequel Though

"The $65M+ movie will see Butler reprise his role as John Garrity. In a continuation of the story, the Garrity family, who survive a near-extinction level event when an interstellar comet hits the earth, must leave the safety of the Greenland bunker and embark on a perilous journey across the decimated frozen wasteland of Europe to find a new home. Co-star Morena Baccarin will also reprise her role as Allison Garrity. The project, which is slated to shoot in Q1 or Q2, 2022, is produced by Thunder Road Pictures' Basil Iwanyk and Brendon Boyea, G-BASE's Gerard Butler and Alan Siegel, and Anton's Sebastien Raybaud and John Zois."

That first film was actually not a terrible movie, which is saying something. The performances were strong, and the script was pretty good, given all the weirdness that comes along with writing characters in this kind of setting. They were smart to get the creative team back together, that is for sure. One worries, though, that this really didn't need a sequel. Not everything is a franchise, and while I am sure STX was encouraged by what Greenland did, especially in the depressed pandemic box office, that doesn't mean people want to see more. I guess we shall see.

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