'Halloween' Thrills and Terrifies Hall H Crowd at SDCC

Halloween fans in attendance at in Hall H Friday Evening were rewarded with an exclusive look at Michael Myers's big return to the screen. The panel was not without excitement besides the footage. Jamie Lee Curtis is a treasure that needs to be protected at all costs. She understands this franchise and what it means to people more than anyone, and she wields her power as the Halloween ambassador with dignity and class. We are so lucky we have her, guys and girls.

Halloween Hall H Universal Panel 1

The footage was breathtaking. We opened with Michael walking in a backyard, and it is shot in a way that Halloween fans will instantly recognize (sorry, others have given detailed descriptions, but I'm gonna stay a tad vague — you need to just experience this). We follow as he violently murders two people, stalking and lurking like the Michael of old. David Gordon Green has truly captured the essence of that original film here, from the music (done by the master John Carpenter) and knowing when to use it, all the way to how Michael moves and emotes with just a tilt of his head or a swing of his arms. It felt like it was a deleted scene from 1978.

Halloween Hall H Universal Panel 2

After the brutality, we got a montage of stuff both seen and unseen, with plenty of Laurie warning people, showing how over the last 40 years Michael has stayed with her and how ready she is to attempt to give herself the ultimate closure by ridding herself of her attacker once and for all. Curtis made a really great point on the panel about how their encounter 40 years earlier left her with "a little scratch on her arm and years of torture". I am just as excited to catch up with Laurie as I am The Shape.

Everyone should be more than excited for this — both diehards and just horror fans in general. Based on what we saw, it is what the fans have been waiting for.

Halloween hits theaters on October 19th.

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