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NECA New York Toy Fair 59

New York Toy Fair: 70+ Pictures From the NECA Toys Booth

NECA brought the thunder with them to New York Toy Fair this year. They showed off a ton of new figures from TMNT, horror, Karate Kid, Alien, Predator, you name it. They even had a new line of horror figures to show, and one of the coolest Gremlins displays one would ever hope to see. […]

Jamie Lee Curtis Open to A Halloween Sequel, With David Gordon Green

Halloween tore up the box office over the weekend, making $77 million and reinvigorating one of the oldest horror franchises out there. After such a huge success, it would be foolish to think they are not already thinking about sequels. But what of Jamie Lee Curtis? She has of course returned to the franchise multiple […]

'Halloween' [2018] Headed to IMAX for One Week Only

Here's your chance Halloween fans- see the 2018 record-setting installment in IMAX starting this Friday! IMAX announced that they'll be bringing the David Gordon Green directed Halloween to theaters for one week beginning Friday, October 26th. The IMAX release of Halloween will be digitally re-mastered into the image and sound quality of The IMAX Experience® with proprietary IMAX DMR® […]

'Halloween' 2018: Jamie Lee Curtis Rightfully Gets to Boast

Who woulda thought 40 years after the initial release of John Carpenter's classic Halloween starring Jamie Lee Curtis in 1978 we'd be seeing a [true] sequel breaking records?!? As Curtis tweeted on Sunday October 21st, the 2018 Halloween directed by David Gordon Green is enjoying some very interesting firsts and record-breaking status. She points out in her TOTALLY DESERVING […]

One:12 Collective Halloween Michael Myers 23

Let's Take a Look at the Michael Myers Halloween One:12 Collective Figure

Halloween collectors can admit that this is a golden age for Michael Myers collectibles. The Shape has so many quality items around right now that fans can hardly keep up. This however is one that they should seek out immediately. The Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Halloween Michael Myers sold out when it went up for […]

Bill Sienkiewicz Halloween Art 4

Check Out Some Halloween Poster Concept Art by Bill Sienkiewicz

Halloween is now in theaters, and there is a ton of figures, tiki mugs, and limited edition posters and prints everywhere right now. One of the best artists in the game (and of all-time in my book) Bill Sienkiewicz created an exclusive print for SDCC this past July, which is right here: You had to […]

halloween poster fear

Jamie Lee Curtis Takes the Lead in New 'Halloween' Poster

Jamie Lee Curtis is a goshdarn gift to strong actresses. She always has been really, and it's nice to see the genre she's [arguably] most known for giving her the recognition she deserves. Curtis comes from Hollywood royalty, her parents Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis were giants of their silver screen days. She set the tone for […]

Halloween 2018 Michael Myers Still 2

Laurie Strode is Not Michael Myers Sister For a Reason in New Halloween Film

Halloween fans were initially taken aback when it was announced a new film was finally coming this year, but that it would ignore all continuity in the series except the original film. That would mean they would retcon the biggest reveal of the series: that Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) is in fact the sister […]

Halloween Hall H Universal Panel 2

'Halloween' Thrills and Terrifies Hall H Crowd at SDCC

Halloween fans in attendance at in Hall H Friday Evening were rewarded with an exclusive look at Michael Myers's big return to the screen. The panel was not without excitement besides the footage. Jamie Lee Curtis is a treasure that needs to be protected at all costs. She understands this franchise and what it means […]

Halloween 2018 Poster 1

Halloween Gets Three New Stills, Trailer on Friday

Halloween is coming. Three new stills were revealed today, ahead of the much-anticipated debut of the trailer for the film this Friday. The new film, directed by David Gordon Green and co-written with Danny McBride debuted footage to much acclaim earlier this spring at CinemaCon, and from the stills below, we now know why. In […]

Halloween Baddie Michael Myers Joins the Living Dead Dolls Line

Halloween baddie Michael Myers is getting a Living Dead Doll. Mezco Toyz line of Living Dead Dolls has been insanely popular with horror collectors and Monster Kids for years, and this is arguably the crown jewel. Michael will stand at 10 inches tall and come in window box packaging. Everything on the doll is screen-accurate, […]

'Halloween': Jamie Lee Curtis Is Coming Home To Haddonfield!

Laurie Strode is coming home. The buzz around the newest Halloween movie has been building for the past few months now, with the loyal fanbase becoming more (cautiously) optimistic with each news item that gets released. Now comes word from Blumhouse that Halloween heroine Jamie Lee Curtis will be returning to the franchise to go […]

Michael Myers Joins Dead By Daylight

By Madeline Ricchiuto Dead by Daylight, a 4 on 1 horror game, has been out on Steam since June and has already seen several updates. The latest change to the game is the introduction of Halloween's Michael Myers as one of the game's killers and Laurie Strode as a survivor. Along with Myers, a new […]