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Halloween Kills Footage Debuts During BlumFest 2020, Trailer Is Here!
After the screening, director David Gordon Green and Laurie Strode herself Jamie Lee Curtis sat down for a press conference where they discussed the film Jamie elaborated on what it has been like to play Laurie over the span of 43 years Basically? "If you really boiled it down, the thing that made me successful[...]
Halloween Retro Figures Coming From Plastic Meatball & Fright Rags
Michael Myers, Laurie Strode, and Lynda will make up the first three-figure in the line Each will come on a retro-style cardback featuring images from Halloween, and each figure will come with accessories and feature five points of articulation A second wave s already in development as well Check out the first three amazing figures[...]
Let's Take A Look At NECA's New Halloween 2 Loomis/Laurie Two Pack
Long have we waited for a younger version of Laurie Strode, and NECA has finally figured out a way to get one in our hands It comes in the form of a clothed figure two-pack along with Dr Loomis from Halloween 2, hitting shelves right now This is the third Halloween 2 figure released this[...]
Michael Myers Gets A Kids Book With The Legend Of Halloween Retelling
Laurie Strode, originally portrayed by actress Jamie Lee Curtis, falls victim to the escaped killer but manages to fight for her life and confront her new foe along the way Through eerie rhymes and quirky illustrations emulating the unsettling nature of the classic horror journey, Green and Tukel craft a reimagined telling of the beloved[...]
NECA Reveals Final Packaging For Halloween 2 Laurie & Loomis
NECA has revealed their final packaging photos for their upcoming, highly anticipated Halloween 2 figure set featuring Laurie Strode and Dr Loomis The set marks the first time a younger version of Laurie has been released in figure form, and both figures feature authorized likenesses of actors Jamie Lee Curtis and Donald Pleasence These are[...]
Neve Campbell attends the premiere of "Skyscraper" at AMC Loews Lincoln Square on July 10, 2018, in New York City. Editorial credit: JStone /
Although the franchise has always been about spoofing trends in horror and watching Sydney return ala, Laurie Strode in Halloween could be fun I don't know Without Wes Craven, I just don't see it Hopefully, they can pull it off, with Campbell in tow. Scream franchise star Neve Campbell has had talks with Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and[...]
"Halloween 2": Rumor Says Laurie Strode is Back, Releases 2020, Films in Fall
It is also being said that David Gordon Green will likely again direct from his own script, with Jamie Lee Curtis coming back as Laurie Strode, along with Judy Greer and Andi Matichak as her daughter and granddaughter The film would be another co-production between Universal and Blumhouse. Halloween Returns Yet Again… HalloweenNick Castle as Michael Myers Halloween[...]
NECA New York Toy Fair 59
A 1/4 scale Michael from the new film, a Michael from Halloween 2, the three trick or treaters from Halloween 3 might be my favorite figure at the show, and Laurie Strode herself Great, great stuff NECA. Godzilla has a movie coming out Did you know that? Their line of Godzilla figures both from that new[...]
Jamie Lee Curtis Open to A Halloween Sequel, With David Gordon Green
Halloween: H20 and Resurrection were retconned out of the series continuity, but she did play Laurie Strode in both In an interview with Empire Australia, she gave a pretty simple answer when asked if she would return again: "If David Gordon Green called me up and said let's do another Halloween, I would do another Halloween,"[...]
halloween poster fear
She set the tone for years in the horror genre, Halloween's Laurie Strode still being a touchstone of female character within that dark and violent realm. We know she's taking the lead in the upcoming Halloween, which is being billed as a true sequel to the original One where the familial ties between Michael Myers and Laurie don't[...]