Helen Hunt Was Prepared to Make the Twister Sequel We Needed

It's hard to believe that the disaster film Twister is now over 25 years old, but there's still a lot of love for the tornado-centric film.

Twister Reboot, Or Reimagining, Is On The Way At Universal
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When Twister was released in May of 1996, it was crafted in a budget that approached $100 million, being a massively ambitious film that required a lot of storm simulation. The film was a massive success with audiences, earning a whopping $495 million, and because of its success, it is ranked at #76 among the highest-grossing North American movie releases of all time.

When we last heard about the status of a Twister film, we were informed that a reboot was in the works (which has remained largely dormant ever since), but we're now learning about what could have been a Twister sequel. In a new interview with Collider, the star of the first Twister, Helen Hunt, opened up about a proposed sequel where she intended to return and direct. Hunt would have been open to a cameo in the film, opting to die in an opening storm and setting up a new team.

Hunt explains to Collider, "I tried to get it made. With Daveed [Diggs] and Rafael [Casal] and me writing it, and all Black and brown storm chasers, and they wouldn't do it. I was going to direct it. We could barely get a meeting, and this is in June of 2020 when it was all about diversity. It would have been so cool."

It's pretty crazy to think that Hunt would take such a strong idea about continuing a beloved (and profitable) film to studios without getting interest from anyone in return – but clearly, Hollywood has different things in mind when it comes to these ideas. Would you be interested in Hunt returning to direct a new diverse team of tornado chasers for a second Twister?

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