Hellblade Trailer Shows An AAA Developer Tackling Mental Health Issues

We've seen several games come out in the indie space that try to tackle mental health issues, some of them pretty successfully too. Depression Quest comes to mind and many others of whose titles escape me for the moment.

It's not something we see taken on in the context of AAA developers very often though. Ninja Theory's new game is trying just that though. In association with the Welcome Trust the developer is making Hellblade, a game in which the player takes on the role of Celtic warrior Senua as she battles in of a hell of her own depression, hallucinations and anxiety. Check out the trailer here:


This is a challenging subject that affects more and more people in the world. I applaud Ninja Theory for taking on the material and the game sure does look nice. I just hope they can maintain the level of respect and understanding the subject deserves. Having a protagonist see crazy stuff and then call that depression and anxeity won't cut it.

I am rooting for them though.