Hydra Giveth And Hydra Taketh Away – The Surprises Of Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD

This article contains spoilers for Marvel's Agents of SHIELD episode – No Regrets.







Last night's Agents of SHIELD had a few surprises, besides the political jab mentioned earlier today. The overall story is straight forward with the main story being The Patriot and Coulson are trying to find an undercover agent with important information which leads them to try and sneak into a Hydra facility. Meanwhile Daisy and Radcliffe are captured and being interrogated by Doctor Fitz. Agent May is offered a serum that will give her the strength to fight the Patriot and Jemma explains to Mace and Ward that the world there in is not real.

The first surprise comes with the answer to the question of why Fitz is so different… and that's because his father is still around. David O'Hara, who played Alfred Pennyworth's army buddy on Gotham, joins the cast as Leo's estranged father, possibly being the one regret Fitz had changed going into the Framework. His father seems to be Hydra through and through and pushing Fitz to be aggressive.

The second surprise, which was sort of given away when we heard of B.J. Britt returning, comes when the man Mace and Coulson are trying to free turns out to be Antoine 'Tripp" Triplett. He has a camera hidden in his boots with information on the top secret project that Fitz is working on. But rescuing him leads to Coulson trying to save the kids form his class that are being brain washed. While there, Agent May arrives with the serum in her and fights the Patriot, but loses. She calls him a terrorist, but he comments that if he was, she'd be dead. He runs off to help Coulson with the kids. At Aida's suggestion, Fitz orders a Quinjet to blow up the building with Mace, Coulson, Tripp and the kids in it. The building collapses and only the Patriot is keeping it from falling on everyone. May runs in to confirm the kill and finds the SHIELD agents risking their life to save the kids. And the Patriot gives his life to save everyone, including May.

We then cut back to the real world and see Aida with her captives and we find out that when Mace died in the Framework, he also died in the real world. Jason O'Mara only joined the show at the beginning of the season and didn't really start fitting in with the team until his secret was revealed, but the episodes with him inside the Framework really built the character up and makes his loss very sad.

We end up back at the Triskelion where Radcliffe tells Daisy of a backdoor out that even Aida doesn't know about. Then May arrives and asks Daisy if she truly is an Inhuman. Daisy says that she is powerful enough to bring down the building. May pulls out a Terrigen crystal and breaks it, Daisy immediately starts to transform. SHIELD may have lost the Patriot, but they're getting Quake and now she knows the exit. They just need to get Daisy, Jemma, Mac, Coulson, May… oh and Fitz, out.

This has become SHIELD versus Fitz in a lot of ways and it looks like he's moving up after something takes Aida down next episode. But will the cracks we've started to see in Fitz's resolve grow or will he solidify over the loss of his love? And what does it mean to have Daisy's powers unleashed.

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