John Barrowman Dances On Stage In A TARDIS Dress At San Diego Comic-Con

Erin Wilhelm writes:

As the TARDIS goes, so goes my nation.

John Barrowman made an entrance only he could make, in a bedazzled blue spaghetti-strap TARDIS dress and matching Converse shoes, announcing, "I am the transgender TARDIS!"

Despite having the 11 a.m. spot on the first day of SDCC, John Barrowman was just as honest, just as open, and just as hilarious as ever in his "Anything Goes" program. He danced, he sang, he told embarrassing stories about his family members, and he teased exciting new things to come in his line of comic books.

John Barrowman Dances On Stage In A TARDIS Dress At San Diego Comic-Con

Barrowman opened with the concept of change, referring to his dress "celebrating the changes" in Doctor Who and to his recent 50th birthday. He entertained the crowd with a story about the ATV riding guide who told him he looked like "that guy from Arrow, but older."

Addressing the Facebook live video that accidentally featured a full-frontal video shot of his husband Scott, Barrowman thanked fans for downloading it and making his husband's junk go viral, and then recounted a conversation with his mother-in-law where she said, "tell Scotty to keep his cocky in his pants." Apparently even John Barrowman has to answer to his mother-in-law.

Going to the Q&A portion early, Barrowman was inspired and entertained by fan questions. Predictably, the first question was regarding Barrowman's thoughts on the fact that the 13th Doctor will be a woman. His response was insightful, but also very understanding of those who might have concerns about a female Doctor.

He discussed being on Doctor Who when the first regeneration of the new Who happened —Eccleston to Tennant — and how there was great controversy and fans were upset. He said his response to fans then is the same as his response now: "If we buy into it, we commit to it, we go where the TARDIS takes us…we get on the TARDIS, or in the TARDIS, for the journey, for the stories." He said his personal reaction when he saw Jodie Whittaker take the hood off was "Oh, okay, Captain Jack might like you."

Alas, Barrowman said there have been no discussions regarding a return of the beloved Captain Jack to the TARDIS, but that he is open to it (get tweeting, Whovians). Along the same vein, when a fan asked about the future of Torchwood, Barrowman stated that he continues to try and resurrect the Doctor Who spinoff, but that he runs into bureaucratic roadblocks, claiming that only Chris Chibnall has the power to bring it back.

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Barrowman also discussed his professional pursuits outside of the Whoniverse. While his time on Arrow has been rewarding, most notably by having Stephen Amell carry in his 50th birthday cake wearing nothing but a speedo, Barrowman seemed most excited by what he has coming next with Legendary comics.  John Barrowman, his sister Carole, and Erika Lewis are working on a new series called Cursed that they will be discussing in a separate panel at SDCC this year. Barrowman teased that this new comic will do something that has never before been done with an actor and a comic. He refused to disclose any more information, so we will all just have to wait until the Cursed panel on July 22nd at 6:30 p.m.

To close, John left us with a sporting rendition of Copacabana, because, after all, anything goes.


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