Did We Just Learn More About Wonder Woman's Origins Than Intended?


A brand new Wonder Woman trailer is upon us, titled Origins. However, has this maybe revealed more about the DCEU's Wonder Woman origins than intended? Beware, this article contains speculation that may turn out to be spoilers for the Wonder Woman film.

Let's check out the trailer again:

The line which jumps out to me is the whole "But she must never know the truth about what she is." I'd initially thought this is Hippolyta speaking, but I'm not so sure now. What is intriguing about this line is what this means for the origins of Diana (Gal Gadot) in the DC Entertainment Universe.

Previous reports, and a previous trailer, have Diana telling Steve Trevor she has no father, and suggesting the film goes down the made from clay by Hippolyta and given life by the gods, namely Zeus, route.

This line, however, has me thinking it's more than that. Add to this the fact that she is the only child on Themyscira, the suggestion that her training must be extra hard and special, and the fact that when she unleashes the shockwave, it seems to catch everyone by surprise, including Diana.

So could it be that although Diana is the one who tells Steve her clay origins, in actuality she doesn't know the truth of her origins?

Cover by Cliff Chiang
Cover by Cliff Chiang

Instead, I think that they are mining Wonder Woman's New 52 origins. In the New 52 origins by Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang, Wonder Woman, and most of the Amazons, believed that she was made of clay, but in truth she is the daughter of Zeus, and is a fully-fledged demigod.

I think that for this movie, and the DCEU as a whole, Wonder Woman will discover that she does in fact have a father but I do not think it will be Zeus but rather, in a Star Wars-like reveal, that father will turn out to be the main antagonist of the film, Ares.

This would explain her hidden powers, like the shockwave and the times we see her capable of flight (all instances where Wonder Woman appears to be about to fly or is in flight look to be later on in the film, perhaps after she has learned the truth). It would also explain why she is pushed so hard by the Amazons, to ensure she doesn't go the same way as her father.

Likewise, whilst the addition of giving Wonder Woman an actual father was a little controversial among fans, and even more controversial were later additions to the 'truth' about the Amazons, it is arguable that making Diana an actual demigod may be more acceptable to a film audience than making her a clay statue given life. Also it will be interesting as the comics have recently returned to the classic clay child given life origins. The film may present both, but the later New 52-style origin be the final 'true' origin of DCEU Wonder Woman.

We'll learn the full truth of Wonder Woman's origins later in the year. Hopefully, the film will be great. Certainly the trailers have all been pretty damn good so far…but we have been burned before by the DCEU. Only time will tell.


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