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Lauren Looks Back: "Two Brothers" In Two Disney Parks

Disney is as American as Coca-Cola and apple pie. In Disneyland and Disney World, you can celebrate America at a variety of attractions, most notably Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln and The American Adventure at Epcot. While both attractions are different by their very nature, they do feature one thing in common; both feature a piece called "Two Brothers" by songwriter Irving Gordon and performed by Ali Olmo. The song has been performed by a number of artists, most notable of them being Dusty Springfield. The song is about two brothers during the Civil War, who join opposing sides of the war. Only one of the brothers survives the war.


In Disneyland the song is a part of the Great Moments show, but wasn't added until 1984 after the attraction went through many changes since it's opening in 1965. It had already been a part of the American Adventure for two years at that point.

For those curious, here's the Disneyland version (thanks to YouTuber CSUFSteve):

And the Epcot version (thanks to YouTuber Mark Fendrick) :

It's a sobering part of both shows, but an important part. While I haven't seen the Disneyland version yet, the American Adventure show in Epcot is awesome.


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