The Legion Of Doom Begins… And Lance Henriksen Kicks Butt

This article contains spoilers for the DC's Legends of Tomorrow episode: Compromised







Last night the Legends went back to the 80's to stop an anomaly that changes the end of the Cold War. In doing so, a few storylines got moved forward and we get one step closer to the Legion of Doom.

It starts with a drug bust gone bad for Damien Darhk as he is "saved" by Eobard Thawne who enlists him to get something from the Russians. What it is we don't know, but it was in a black box. The plan involves the signing of the accords that ended hostilities between the Soviet Union and the United States. Darhk is an adviser to the White House and that change caused by him and Thawne is the anomaly and that ends up making a younger Martin Stein involved as well.

Once in the 80's, Nate and Amaya are sent to an old JSA base to find out what they can while the rest of the team head to the White House. They are able to move about the building rather easily… and discover Darhk. Sara wants to kill him but gets spotted by Secret Service and that leads to an incident causing the team to have to escape… not unseen.

Meanwhile at the JSA base, we see that it hasn't been used in a very long time, but it's still guarded by a much older Obsidian… played by Lance Henriksen… who is angry and hurt that Vixen left the team. We learn the team went on a mission some years later and never returned. Obsidian didn't go because he was no longer trusted for being gay, or at least that's what seems to be insinuated. This keeps the character in line with the comic version.

The friendship / partnership between Ray and Mick continue with some humorous moment… but the idea of Ray becoming Leonard Snart gets pushed aside and Mick tells Ray to be himself.

Sara gets a chance to confront Darhk but doesn't kill him. Instead, she tells him that everything he's working for will end up in failure. The woman he loves will die and his life will amount to nothing. This shakes Darhk to the core. She does this also to distract him while she steals the little black box the Russians gave him.

So, the end result is Ray's going to continue 'sciencing the hell out of things', Sara is going to try and be more captain than assassin, Amaya and Nate may become friends, and the Legends have whatever Thawne wanted. Now he and Darhk are traveling though time together.

And next week its back to the old west and Jonah Hex.

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