The WWE Hall Of Fame Joins The DDP Yoga Craze


DDP Yoga. It's the combination of yoga, dynamic resistance, and motivational speeches from the master of the Diamond Cutter that has saved the lives and/or extended the careers of countless wrestlers. Jake "The Snake" Roberts and Scott Hall both attributed Diamond Dallas Page's personal life coaching who attribute with saving them from decades of addiction. Chris Jericho, the GOAT, is a DDP Yoga user, as is Goldust, who is still wrestling. And now, the fitness craze has earned DDP a spot in WWE's Hall of Fame.

That's not to say that Diamond Dallas Page's pro wrestling career itself isn't worthy of Hall of Fame status. He's a three time WCW World Champion, two time WCW United States champion, four time WCW Tag Champion, WCW Television Champion, WWF Tag Champion, and WWF European Champion. He was one of WCW's hottest stars during its 90s height, and he didn't make his name in the WWF beforehand, unlike many of WCW's other top stars during that era. His career was epitomized by hard work, as, originally a manager, he trained to become a wrestler at age 35, and then continued to train while rising through the company to become a top star.

It's the same determination that allowed him to transition from wrestling to a successful career as a fitness guru, the same determination that allowed him to sue Jay Z and win over his Diamond Cutter hand signal, and the same determination, applied to others, that probably saved Jake The Snake and Razor Ramon's lives. Unlike many Hall of Fame inductees who are honored with one last night of glory before mostly fading out of the public eye, DDP's will be up onstage as a guy who's still kicking ass, and by the way, has some fitness DVDs to sell you.

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