Marvel Studios Officially Announces a Fantastic Four Movie

The Disney Investor Day was a bit insane, and those of us at Bleeding Cool are trying to give you all of the information as fast as we can get it to you. The Marvel section brought us a ton of new information about new series over at Disney+, but we also got some new information about movies as well. People have been wondering what Marvel was going to do with the characters they got back during the Fox acquisition, and it seems that the First Family of Marvel is coming to the big screen yet again. Marvel mega-boss Kevin Feige announced that they are currently working on a Fantastic Four movie and that the director of the Marvel Spider-Man movies, Jon Watts, will be bringing the production to life.

We don't have any additional information about the movie just yet, but we can assume that this is likely an entry for 2023 and beyond. However, since Marvel does have a director, that does mean that they are likely low key already looking for casting. We shouldn't expect anything big from Fantastic Four anytime soon, though, since we have a ton of other stuff to focus on.

Marvel Studios Officially Announces a Fantastic Four Movie
Credit: Marvel

In terms of characters that are perfect additions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Fantastic Four feel like they would fit in even better than the X-Men would. It's going to be very interesting to see what kind of movie they make for these characters and how they will set them apart from the two other iterations that we have already seen on the big screen.  However, Marvel did a pretty good job of making their Spider-Man feel unique compared to the two previous versions that Sony did, so maybe we have nothing to worry about.

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