Masters Of The Universe Film…Is It Dead Again?

Masters of the Universe is experiencing a huge renaissance right now, in every area, you can think of. Two new animated shows will debut this year, Mattel has multiple MOTU lines of toys running successfully at stores, books are coming out. The only area where there is an issue is He-Man's big return to screens. Earlier today, Deadline reported about the new Netflix film about the Gamestop stock situation. Noah Centineo is starring in the film, and in the article, they talked about his upcoming slate. Nowhere in there was Masters of the Universe mentioned. He was cast as the hero back in 2019, when the original release date of March 21st, 2021, was announced. Unless they pulled off one of the most secret production of all-time, that is not happening. As of this time last year, the film had been taken off the release schedule altogether.

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It was even rumored that Sony at one point was washing their hands of it all and selling it to Netflix, who is running the animated shows when they start. Nothing is known right now though, we don't even know if Noah is still playing He-Man, and his dance card looks pretty full now.

It is a bummer, that is for sure. The Masters of the Universe film we got is…not great or kitschy fun depending on who you ask, but nobody would say it is good. We need a true to the story and look Me-Man film, and for some reason, it is just one of those properties that cannot get out of its own way. It is expensive; it is a tough story to crack and has a rabid fanbase that can make it a failure based on one picture ala Sonic The Hedgehog. At least they got a film to blast and get fixed. Us Masters of the Universe fans don't even have that, and from the look of things, won't anytime soon.

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