Mel Gibson Shoots The Bull About Shooting The Bull For Potential Suicide Squad Sequel Director Role

A photo of Mel Gibson during a 2006 DUI arrest.

In a one minute conversation that must be considered a rousing success if only because he was able to avoid making any racist or anti-semitic statements during it, Mel Gibson spoke about the prospects of directing the sequel to the Academy Award winning film Suicide Squad last night. In a video from alien-themed entertainment show Entertainment Tonight, Gibson was asked whether he'll be directing the sequel as rumored earlier this month.

"I don't know. I just met some guys about story points. It's not a done deal or anything, but it's just fun to shoot the bull, you know, when it comes to stories," Gibson replied. "I love doing it. If we can elevate any kind of concept, it's good."

Asked if he was ready if the opportunity to direct if he's wanted, Gibson replied, "Eh, we'll see."

Warner Bros has had trouble finding directors for DC superhero projects of late. Ben Affleck dropped out of directing The Batman after months of saying he would only direct it if it were going to be a good movie. Matt Reeves later also refused to direct it, but changed his mind and has agreed to direct after reportedly being offered more money. The Flash movie has already driven off two directors so far.

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