Modiphius Entertainment Announces New Conan Tabletop RPG

By Christopher Helton


Modiphius Entertainment has announced that they have made a licencing deal with Conan Properties to produce a new tabletop roleplaying game set in the world of Robert E. Howard's Conan. This will be the forth tabletop roleplaying game to feature the world of Howard's creation. A Kickstarter will launch this summer.

Modiphius says that they will be working closely with other Conan licencing partners Funcom, creators of the now free to play Age of Conan MMO, and Monolith Board Games, whose Conan boardgame has raised over $2 million on Kickstarter. Hopefully we will see some crossover with the new material created at Dark Horse Comics as well.

The rules of the upcoming Conan game are being developed by Jay Little (who worked on Star Wars Edge of Empire for Fantasy Flight Games), based on his 2d20 rules that are already being used in Modiphius' relaunch of the popular Swedish tabletop roleplaying game The Mutant Chronicles. Little is customizing the rules for the hard hitting swords & sorcery of Conan's world. Also working on the design team are award winning Robert E. Howard scholar Jeffrey Shanks, and game designers Timothy Brown, Jason Durall, Chris Lites and others to be named.

Conan, and the works of Howard, have been sited as one of the inspirations for tabletop games, going back to the creation of Dungeons & Dragons and has been the focus of pervious tabletop incarnations. TSR Games published a couple of modules for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons inspired by the Conan movies of the 80s. Later Steve Jackson Games published a number of supplements for the world of Conan for their GURPS roleplaying game (Steve Jackson Games also publishes a Conan expansion for their Munchkin game). Most recently, Conan was the focus of a d20 system-based roleplaying game published by Mongoose Publishing.

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