NYCC '15: ABC Family Gets A Name Makeover This January

Most of you may be familiar with the TV station ABC Family. My fondest memories of the station, for the most part, were based on the fact that they played re-runs of Full House. (Which I don't think they do anymore.) Anyway, whilst adventuring on the show floor today I stumbled upon their booth, which had some pretty cool props throughout. From weapons for their upcoming Shadowhunters show, to a dead corpse from Stitchers.

Then the most peculiar thing happened…I was handed a small container of gak/playdough, to which I said, "Is this gak?" The ABC Family volunteer then explained that ABC Family is changing it's name to Free Form. I'm sure my facial expression was priceless when he said that. Why would you change the name of a company that has done so well? The apparent reason is that they are ready to gain a reputation of molding to different genres, and wish to have an open mind with new shows, movies, etc. Hence the playdough…get it? Free Form…

I don't know how to take the news to be honest. It's clever I suppose, but I'm assuming there's way more to the story. If your TV station included "ABC" one of the most well known companies in the universe…why take it out? Perhaps more will unfold in the future, but all I can tell you now is…I'm well stocked on blue, green, and yellow playdough/gak stuff. The change is set to take place this January.



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