[OP-ED] Spider-Man: What Happens Now?

Reports on Tuesday suggested that Sony and Disney were breaking up their relationship and thus Spider-Man will be leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

After the news was reported, the internet went into an outrage. If you're Marvel Studios, the outrage is what you want. If you're Sony Pictures, not so much. Some of the Avengers have already started campaigning on social media including Jeremy Renner.

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In a perfect world, Spider-Man would be back at home in the Marvel family and not licensed to Sony. Unfortunately, the contract dates back well over a decade ago. Barring a purchase of Sony, it's not happening anytime soon. The best thing for everyone is for Sony to give Marvel what they want.

Tonally speaking, the best live-action Spider-Man films have been the two MCU installments. What happens when you take Marvel's involvement away? The films are going to get worse. No Marvel team-ups. No Nick Fury or Maria Hill.  Not even Happy Hogan will be able to appear in the movie. Basically, Spider-Man films won't have access to any of the MCU components that made the first two films any good.

Spider-Man: Far From Home left Peter Parker in quite the pickle. Mysterio, by way of J. Jonah Jameson, had revealed Parker to the world. There are lasting ramifications to this reveal. There's so much potential here including the possibility of bringing in Doctor Strange to cast a spell. All this is for naught of Spider-Man exits the MCU.

If Sony thinks that the box office will stay on par, they can forget about it. Both of Marc Webb's films can't even compare. While the theatrical run has yet to hit the two-month mark, Spider-Man: Far From Home owns the global record for the franchise. Are we to expect that the studio will see similar results sans Marvel? It's very unlikely because the film won't be able to piggyback off of whatever Marvel team-up precedes it. There's simply no way to recreate the magic on screen with the breakup. The future for Spider-Man currently looks bleak without Marvel's involvement.


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