Paramount is Making a G.I. Joe Spinoff About Snake Eyes… but Which One?

Paramount is developing a G.I. Joe spinoff about Snake Eyes, to be written by Beauty and the Beast writer Evan Spiliotopoulos. THR has the EXCLUSSSIVE report, which doesn't go into many details beyond that.

Snake Eyes has long been regarded as one of the coolest Joes, and probably the most popular, due to the fact that he's silent and mysterious, wears a mask, is a ninja, and has a pet wolf who dresses like a human and dances.

But recently, a new Snake Eyes has been introduced in the pages of IDW's G.I. Joe: Real American Hero. Dawn Moreno, a teenage, female Cobra trainee, who had the memories of the original Snake Eyes installed in her brain by Doctor Venom's Brainwave Scanner. She's proven popular, driving multiple sellouts of the comic.

Ray Park played Snake Eyes in the previous two Joe movies, but a reboot is set for 2020, so anything could happen.

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