Paranormal Activity Reboot Loses Its Release Date

The Paranormal Activity reboot that was slated for March 2022 release on Paramount+ is no longer coming. Well, at least not in March 2022. The film has been removed from the release schedule altogether, which is never a good sign. Christopher Landon, who wrote parts 2, 3, and 4 in the series, is penning this one, with William Eubank (Underwater) directing. Blumhouse's Jason Blum and original Paranormal Activity director Oren Pell will produce. According to reports, the new film would be an "unexpected retooling" of the franchise, whatever that could possibly mean. One thing is for sure; the found footage aspect would stay. Our friends at Bloody Disgusting had the news of the delay.

Paranormal Activity. Credit Paramount
Paranormal Activity. Credit Paramount

More Time Can Only Help Paranormal Activity

There have been six installments in the franchise so far, yet none of them reached the first film's heights or esteem. It told the story of a couple, Katie and Micah, who move into a new home and are haunted by a spirit in the house. That first film was a monster success, grossing over $190 million on just $15,000 for a budget. It was also Blumhouse Pictures' first film and is near and dear to founder Jason Blum's heart. So when this new film gets made, he seems to be more protective over it than ever. It's not just slapping the Paranormal Activity label on something. Blum has had this to say in the past about the franchise:

"It was the birth of Blumhouse, and I really challenged myself with the task of like 'How do I take the success of Paranormal Activity and build a company that makes lots of different kinds of fun, successful, good scary movies?' So it holds a very special place in my heart, that first Paranormal Activity, and it was touch-and-go for three years. I mean, [director] Oren Peli was living in my guest house, and we were told it was going to go, it wasn't going to go, was going to go, wasn't going to go for a long, long time. But I learned an enormous amount, and I'm extremely fond of that first movie because it changed my life."

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