"Paranormal Activity" is Returning to Theaters Again

Paranormal Activity, the hit horror found footage series, is returning yet again. Paramount and Blumhouse are in active development on what would be the seventh entry in the franchise. the last film was 2015's The Ghost Dimension, which was…not the greatest. Paramount's Studio Chairman and CEO Jim Gianopulos made the surprise announcement on stage at CineEurpoe today.

Paranormal Activity: Where Should They Go With It?

Look, I have no love for this series besides the first film. While some of the sequels were ok, they were nothing compared to the first film, both in story, execution, and box office. The first grossed $193 million worldwide on a $15,000 budget. That is insane, and well-earned. that first film was very well shot, had a nice, tight story, and was genuinely scary on first viewing. I remember being super freaked out leaving the theater that night, and it would be great to have that experience again.

Found footage has for sure run its course, and I feel like the way to go for the films would be to go deep into the lore of the series. Like, Conjuring style. Give us stories and backstories featuring the spooks and demons, and make them period pieces. I think that may be the way to freshen things up a bit, and take everything in a new direction.

What do you think horror fans? Should they take my advice, or would you prefer they just leave it alone? Do you want this series to continue? Let it lie? Let us know below.


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