Peter Dinklage Dyes Hair Red During Avengers: Infinity War Filming… Who Could He Be Playing?

We know that Peter Dinklage is set to play an as-yet-undisclosed role in Avengers: Infinity War, which we also know is filming now. So when Dinklage was photographed getting a red dye job today, it prompted rabid speculation about which character he might be playing. Most have gone to the obvious choice for a red-headed role, based on Dinklage's stature: Pip the Troll.

But that's lazy casting. Why not another famous redhead? Such as…




The queen of the Inhumans is famous for her long, tentacle-like red mane. Marvel has been desperately trying to get The Inhumans over with their audience, and what better way than with the star power of an actor of the caliber of Peter Dinklage? Of course, this one is a longshot, since MArvel Studios head Kevin Feige may not have interest in promoting a favorite of Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter… unless it's to steal the casting out from under Ike's upcoming Imax TV show.




The amorous Avenger is the brother of Thanos, who we know will be the villain in Avengers: Infinity War. Peter Dinklage, with his unlimited supply of charm, would be perfect for this role.


Mary Jane Watson


Now that Marvel is working with Sony, the door is open for Mary Jane to enter the Marvel cinematic universe. And since we know that Zendaya won't be playing Mary Jane in Spider-Man Homecoming, the role is totally up for grabs. Is Peter Dinklage's new haircut a hint that Marvel Studios just "hit the jackpot?"


Cletus Kasady

Cletus Kasady

A deranged killer who becomes even more deranged after merging with the symbiote offspring of Venom to become Carnage, Kasady is a role that only an actor of Peter Dinklage's magnitude could convincingly pull off. Like Mary Jane, Carnage's rights were likely tied up with Spider-Man, but Marvel and Sony's collaboration makes what was formerly impossible possible.


Pip the Freaking Troll


Let's face it, this is probably where Marvel is going with this. The House of Ideas hasn't been known for its imagination several decades. That being said Dinklage will be great in the role, just like he would in any of the roles above. He's Peter Freaking Dinklage, after all.


Check out the photos of Dinklage getting a dye job at The Daily Mail.


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