Report: Eccentric Former WWE Superstar Hulk Hogan Maintains Gigantic Collection Of Used Bandannas

Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart

Former WWE Superstar Hulk Hogan keeps all his old bandannas, according to a video interview with TMZ. Hogan was cornered at an airport along with "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart, and reporters pressed him on his bizarre bandanna habits.

"I was counting at 4 o' clock this morning, and I counted one row of black bandannas that had twenty plain black bandannas in a row [vertically], and there were ten rows of plain black ones only [horizontally]," said The Hulkster when asked how many he has. That's at least two hundred bandannas in the plain black category alone. "Just black, so I don't know, bro. I've got some bandannas I've found that I've had for like twenty years."

Asked if he doesn't throw them out when he's done with them and they're sweaty, Hogan replied, "No, they're really cool, they've got a memory thing to them or something, like something really cool happened that night."

"I think I've got one I tore off and threw in the crowd that the usher gave to me. It was the second night I wrestled in The Garden," Hogan replied when asked if he had a favorite, though he was forced to admit, "It was more of a headband."

Gross, dude.

Watch the video below.


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