Report: Project Morpheus To Release Before Next Summer


I still haven't quite figured out how Project Morpheus is going to slide into the market yet. Having said that, I haven't quite figured out how the Vive or Oculus are going to find their place either. The three VR headsets seem to be filling their own void, but it will be interesting to see which actually catches on in a serious way (if any).

In a new report by Japanese newspaper Asahi (via IGN) it claims that the PlayStation 4 specific VR headset will release before June 2016. That seems like it should make sense, with the Vive launching this Christmas, Oculus in early 2016 and the Morpheus in the Summer.

The great VR race looks like it's about to start and the three major competitiors have selected their running time. I suppose all we have to do now is wait.