Rob Liefeld Wants To See Footage From Zack Snyder's Cut Of Justice League Demanded By Fan Petition

Another incredibly famous person has lent his support to a petition demanding that Warner Bros. release an Ultimate Cut of Justice League restoring director Zack Snyder's vision. Perhaps, the most famous person of all. Yes, of course we're talking about superstar artist Sir Robert Liefeld, who took to Twitter to express his support for the petition apparently not express his support for the petition even though he agreed with an article about the petition (see update below).

Following Justice League's failure to perform up to expectations at the box office, fans have been looking for places to lay blame for the fact that what should have been a billion dollar film ended up being the lowest opening movie in the history of the DCEU. One popular theory posits that evil critics maliciously conspired to drive down the movie's Rotten Tomatoes score, but an equally plausible theory is that Warner Bros. maliciously ruined the pristine vision of Zack Snyder, forcing alleged fake feminist Joss Whedon to replace Snyder's awesome scenes with his own while cutting the film down to a way-too-short two hour runtime.

It's in response to that second, as we noted extremely plausible, theory that concerned fans started a petition demanding that Warner Bros. restore Snyder's vision with a new cut of the film. It's a request seemingly backed by Zack Snyder himself, and now, by Rob Liefeld, the visionary genius behind the Deadpool empire.

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So far, the petition has almost 140,000 signatures, having gained 20,000 since Snyder supported it. Now that Liefeld has endorsed the petition, not only can we expect another big boost, but we should also expect Warner Bros. to take notice, do the right thing, and spend a few hundred million dollars on finishing the production of Snyder's cut and releasing it on Blu-ray — even if Justice League is already set to lose more than $50 million.

UPDATE: Though Liefeld tweeted in support of an article promoting the petition, he has taken to Twitter to correct the fake news media, explaining that he never said he supported the petition itself — only that he wants to see the footage demanded by the petition listed in the article about the petition which he commented on.

You don't get to be one of the most powerful men in comics by blindly supporting questionable projects without considering all the semantics, so we'll have to apologize for jumping to conclusions. Telling the truth is important. Perhaps Warner Bros can find some kind of compromise, producing the footage for Liefeld only, not everyone else. After that, they might as well release the Blu Ray as well, but at least they won't lose face by capitulating to fan demands.

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