Rush Limbaugh Talks Authoritatively About the Black Panther Movie

Rush Limbaugh has spoken out on his show about the upcoming release of the Black Panther movie.

He starts off using the expected opening success as an argument to prove that America isn't racist; because, also Obama and Oprah.

How can this country be as racist and bigoted when its wealthiest and most popular TV personality is an overweight African-American female?

I'm not entirely sure he explained his line of thinking. It reminds me of people saying that global warming isn't happening because it's cold today, or a video of a panda in Japan using an automatic toilet is proof that bears don't do their business in the woods. While the expected performance of Black Panther, the success of Obama, and Oprah may all be welcome and encouraging things but they are three data points in a sea of millions.

This means it's gonna be bigger than Batman or Superman or any of these other franchises. And I think it tells us a lot. I think, if that happens, or even if they get close to it, it obviously will convey or carry with it a huge message about where the United States is culturally right now. And I for one could understand African-Americans loving this because here it is. There's an action figure hero, superhero, superpower, the first one in American history who's black.

He knows that he didn't quite get that right as he also wants us to know that his super best friend is Luke Cage.

Luke Cage is a TV series. Luke Cage hasn't been made into a movie. Luke Cage was good. I watched Luke Cage. Mike Colter is the actor, who is fabulous. I loved him in a TV show called Ringer. He got killed off in the fourth episode but I still liked him. It didn't matter, it was a CW series, didn't last long, but the premise is fabulous, I liked it. Mike Colter is great, but that was TV. Luke Cage, black superhero.

And then back to the film.

But this, and apparently the production is through-the-roof awesome, the special effects are awesome, the cast. It's about a fictional African country that has a secret resource that will save the world from every problem there is, and it's called Vesuvium or some such made-up name. And it's about everybody in the world trying to get hold of this little country and throw everybody out so they can take over. And this guy defeats the world, the Black Panther. And it's got great stunts and everything.

I'd like to point out that this isn't the plot at all. I'm not sure that, even if Rush sees the film, he will realise that.

However, shortly the point started to drift really quickly, talking about how he is over Batman, Superman and Star Wars, how Millenials like shows with suffering like Jessica Jones (but oddly not Luke Cage?) but that's why he thinks Black Panther might be popular amongst Millenials.

I think this movie is gonna have popularity for different reasons. But there's gonna be a lot of suffering in this movie 'cause these heroes are gonna mete out a lot of pain and a lot of damage to the bad guys.

Isn't… that every action movie and TV show ever?

But the whole concept of life being a giant coping exercise and nothing but suffering and overcoming suffering? Once that becomes the primary identity, then overcoming and being happy is not permitted. That's cheating. Being happy is cheating. Being content is to be in denial. You have to be suffering.

You know, Black Panther has a lot of jokes in it. It's closer in tone to Thor: Ragnarok than the misery-fest that was Captain America: Winter Soldier but we are getting closer to Rush's point.

Well, that's not good, because there's a political party made to order based on your suffering and your continued suffering — and that's the Democrat Party.

We went the scenic route but we got there. I don't know, I'm fed up of people forcing their political interpretations onto superheroes. But at least Rush knows what he's talking about here. Except for the part where he doesn't.

 I'm hoping that this Black Panther thing moves on from this whole notion of suffering and presents a different message. I have no idea what it's about. I'm not familiar with the character in the comic books or even if there is a comic character. Is there? Is the Black Panther a brand-new, for-movie-only character? (interruption) Well, he's in the Avengers. Okay, sure. Why didn't I…? The Avengers. Sorry, folks.

I'm not saying I am always ultra prepared for anything I talk about but I at least try and use Google first. Rush, so knowledgeable about Black Panther, has more outraged reserved for a petition.

The Marvel people invest in it, but now here comes a bunch of social justice activists demanding 25% of the take, as though the movie owes the black community 25% of the take. It's crazy. There's a petition calling for Marvel and Disney to put 25% of the take, the proceeds, back into the community, whatever that is.

There is indeed such a petition. I googled it. It makes valid points, has a few thousand signatures and is extremely unlikely to succeed, you'd have a greater chance of getting Marvel to change the name of Vibranium to Vesuvium. But its intent is more likely increased awareness of issues regarding this.

And it is just possible, just possible, that by mentioning it, Rush may have just helped that too.

Rush Limbaugh Talks Authoritatively About the Black Panther Movie

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