First Look at Ghostface and Nostalgic End Credits for Scream

Throughout the process of early announcements, cast reveals, confirmations, and more, Scream fans have had a lot to celebrate. Now, just after announcing that the newest film has officially wrapped, we are getting a chance to see Ghostface once more in anticipation of his big theatrical return next year.

Most of the filming for Scream took place on a private soundstage, maintaining the essential secrecy that the franchise is famous for, without any set photos other than the occasional bloody knife or a wrap-party costumed photo that didn't necessarily happen on-screen. Now, after completing the film's postproduction process entirely, there has been a handful of social media posts – with one displaying the iconic Ghostface mask.

The photo shows the classic mask, which had been a question for the more detail-oriented fans, solidifying that the classic Ghostface is back again. The photo also has picked up traction for its blueish tint, creating a sense of nostalgia for fans of the first three films. The fourth scrapped that color palette for a more vibrant look, so taking the new film back to that vintage aesthetic choice with a Ghostface reveal brings some form of comfort.

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Photo Credit: Spyglass Media Group & Paramount Pictures – Scream (1996)

Greg Russell was one of those celebrating the completion of Scream, taking to Instagram with the photo and writing, "What a pleasure it was to spend this last month at the Formosa Group with Karen Baker Landers and the entire Sound team of Scream. Super fun filmmakers and a very cool score from Brian Tyler. Sweet sound design from Karen, Peter Staubli, and Chris Smith. I had a Blast, and thanks again #Formosa Group."

The photos shared (linked here) also bring another minuscule exciting revelation – showcasing the end credits that mirror the original ending font. With the focus on recreating the Scream logo, credits, Ghostface look, and color choices, the new Scream film feels like it's amping up to be the next biggest slasher revival since Halloween!

Are you enjoying all of the appreciation for Scream source material?

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