Jenna Ortega Talks Scream 5 and the Secrecy Surround Filming

Scream 5 is by far the most anticipated upcoming horror film, and after almost a decade of being dormant, it's back to make us scream again for the fifth time.

With the entire cast recently being announced, we've seen a solid blend of new characters and a few returning fan favorites, including the trio of Sidney, Gale, and Dewey, as well as Deputy Hicks. The film (which was previously through the dissolved Dimension films) is a collaboration between Spyglass Media Group and Paramount Pictures, with Radio Silence (the team behind Ready or Not) directing the upcoming film.

Jenny Ortega Talks Scream 5 and the Secrecy Surround Filming
Photo Credit: Spyglass Media Group & Paramount Pictures

The film begins filming this week with some of the last minute pre-production details being worked out, and one of the film's newest actors have spoken out about the sequel to the beloved franchise. You star Jenna Ortega, who is tapped to play a noteworthy role in the film, opened up to ET about the film and is admittedly reluctant to discuss anything due to the secrecy surrounding the project.

Ortega tells ET that the film feels like a propper Scream entry, explaining, "It fits perfectly [in the franchise], Also how incredible that we have the main cast coming back. That is insane to me… Throughout the years, the franchise has done really well at calling back and bringing some sort of nostalgic aspects to the script. I'll definitely say that there are some here."

While she can't explain any of the plot details yet, she explains that even the cast has different levels of knowledge on the script depending on their character's respective roles in the end-game. Ortega added, "It's super top secret," She concluded that she's "very, very pleased with how the script has been written and [with] everything that's to come."

As Scream begins filming, we'll likely get tidbits of information to help build up the already immense anticipation that fans are experiencing for Scream, so keep up with Bleeding Cool for all things Scream 5!

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