Sexy Joe Manganiello Working On Sexy Dungeons & Dragons Movie He Co-Wrote With Friend (Topless, We Assume)


Joe Manganiello is more than just a pretty face. He's also a remarkably toned set of abs and pecs, and a pretty damn nice butt as well. But he's more than that too! Behind his rugged, sexy exterior, Joe Manganiello is a total nerd. He's recently begun playing Dungeons & Dragons live on a web show called CelebriD&D. But Manganiello has taken his love of the classic tabletop role playing game even beyond that. He's written a script for a Dungeons & Dragons feature film, and he's working on getting it made!

The news comes from an interview Manganiello did on MTV's Happy Sad Confused podcast, and covered in more detail by MTV News for those of us who are too busy to listen to a freaking podcast. Apparently, Manganiello has co-written a screenplay for a D&D movie with a friend from Carnegie Mellon, but this isn't just fan fiction. Manganiello has actually met with Wizards of the Coast to discuss the film and its development.

Manganiello says that his D&D movie will be grounded in human emotion, with fire breathing dragons just icing on the deep intellectual cake. He's shopping the movie around and seems serious about getting it made. Well, studio executives, how can you possibly say no to this guy?


We're rooting for you, Joe! And here's hoping that whoever you end up playing in the film doesn't wear a shirt. Not gratuitously, of course. It's a personality trait, right there on the character sheet.

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