Sunset Overdrive Gets Higher Gamerscore And Significant Price Cut In Sale

SUNSETMicrosoft put quite a lot of faith in Insomniac Games' Sunset Overdrive at the end of last year. The game was bundled with the white Xbox One, which was somewhat of a surprise. If they'd bundled the alternative paint job with the Master Chief Collection they would have sold more, but instead the publisher decided to push Overdrive as the new IP. That is admirable in a way.

Sadly the game never took off as well as it perhaps should have, failing to sell less then 1,000,000 copies to date. If you were on the fence about the game though, perhaps this new deal will be alluring enough to make you jump in. Xbox Wire report that the title is getting a 40% price cut for a "limited time" for Xbox Live members.

If you've already played Sunset, there has also been a little more incentive added for you achievement hunters too. A new update will add three achievements worth 25 Gamerscore each. They are:

Hardcore!: Buck National vs The Apocalypse
Beat the score of 600,000 on the Challenge "Buck's National vs The Apocalypse."

Hardcore!: Buck Strikes Back
Beat the score of 564,500 on the Challenge "Buck's Strikes Back."

Hardcore!: Buck Stops Here
Beat the score of 703,700 on the Challenge "Buck's Stops Here."

I've not played enough Sunset Overdrive to give an informed opinion but I've heard some great things about it. It seems now might be the best time to jump in if you are at all interested.

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