Superman Film Will Indeed Feature A Black Lead, Search For Director On

WB announced a new Superman film in February produced by J.J. Abrams and written by renowned author Ta-Nehisi Coates, which then led to speculation that a Black man would don the cape of the Man of Steel. That is confirmed today in a report by The Hollywood Reporter. WB is "committed" to not only a Black version of Superman, but trying to find a Black director for the film as well. When announced, a director was not named, and "One source adding that putting Abrams at the helm would be "tone-deaf." according to the article and anyone with a brain. Also of note: this Superman film will be on its "own track" and not part of whatever DC is doing post-Snyder…for now.

Superman Film Will Indeed Feature A Black Lead, Search For Director On
Action Comics New 52 #9. Credit DC Comics

So Who Will Play Superman Then?

Michael B. Jordan had been heavily rumored to be donning the cape as Superman, with numerous reports and more saying that he is who J.J. wanted. The actor threw water on those rumors last week, however, saying "It's definitely a compliment, but I'm just watching on this one." Coates will have his screenplay delivered sometime near the end of the year in December, and it will be about Kal-El, who lands on Earth after being sent in the rocket from Krypton. The question is WHICH Earth. In the comics, Grant Morrision introduced Kalel, or Calvin Harris, a version of Superman who is also the President. Those issues, Final Crisis #7 and The New 52 Action Comics #9 have skyrocketed in the aftermarket since the film announcement in anticipation that this is the version we will see on the big screen.

Allow me to throw out Daniel Kaluuya as the Man of Steel. He has a great screen presence, can basically do whatever is asked of him onscreen, and he just won an Academy Award, bringing gravitas to the role that this clear prestige picture wants. Whoever it is, this is shaping up to be a special version of the character we know and love.

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