Supernatural, 24 Star Misha Collins: "Game On, Congress", GoFundMe Campaign Aims To Buy Donald Trump's And Congress' Internet Data


While he's best known for Supernatural these days, one of Misha Collins' most infamous roles was as Alexis Drazen in the series 24 in 2012, in which that character had a little problem with the U.S. Senate.  One Senator in particular, anyway.  Obviously that was fiction, but here's some present-day fact: Collins disagrees with Congress' recent vote on SJR34, a resolution which:

…nullifies the rule submitted by the Federal Communications Commission entitled "Protecting the Privacy of Customers of Broadband and Other Telecommunications Services." The rule published on December 2, 2016: (1) applies the customer privacy requirements of the Communications Act of 1934 to broadband Internet access service and other telecommunications services, (2) requires telecommunications carriers to inform customers about rights to opt in or opt out of the use or the sharing of their confidential information, (3) adopts data security and breach notification requirements, (4) prohibits broadband service offerings that are contingent on surrendering privacy rights, and (5) requires disclosures and affirmative consent when a broadband provider offers customers financial incentives in exchange for the provider's right to use a customer's confidential information.

Collins intends to demonstrate the problems with this resolution by legally buying the data of Donald Trump and "every Congressperson who voted for SJR34", and making it publicly available.

Congress recently voted to strip Americans of their privacy rights by voting for SJR34, a resolution that allows Internet Service Providers to collect, and sell your sensitive data without your consent or knowledge.
Since Congress has made our privacy a commodity, let's band together to buy THEIR privacy.

This GoFundMe will pay to purchase the data of Donald Trump and every Congressperson who voted for SJR34, and to make it publicly available.

PS: No, we won't "doxx" people. We will not share information that will impact the safety & security of their families (such as personal addresses). However, all other details are fair game. It says so right in the resolution that they voted to approve.

Game on, Congress.

PS: In the event that we don't raise enough money to buy the data, all proceeds will go to the ACLU to help fight to protect all Americans' rights. Thanks.

$45k and counting in the early going on this Gofundme campaign, about which I expect we're likely to hear much more.

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