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That's Not J.K. Rowling Writing: Thoughts On The History Of Ilvermorny

Last week Harry Potter fans rejoiced as J.K. Rowling released information about the North American School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Ilvermorny. To read the information you had to sign up for Pottermore, but most Potter fans already were I'd assume. I, however, was not signed up. I had heard of Pottermore over the years, but never dove in. This trailer below convinced me to take the time to sign up and sort myself into houses…


Unfortunately, I'm here to report that the history of Ilvermorny was a big disappointment. If you're looking for the J.K. Rowling writing that you know and love, don't search for it there. What is there is a basic history…one that sounds a lot like: "This happened. This happened. Then this happened. Then this happened." You get the picture.

Obviously this is a PR Marketing scheme because of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them releasing in the Fall. It just makes sense that we get a bit of background information. However, I think it could have been announced that way. I was expecting at least ten pages worth of rich dialogue and that magical descriptive J.K. Rowling language. None the less, I imagine J.K. Rowling is busy with other things. I actually wouldn't be surprised if J.K. Rowling handed off a notebook to a Pottermore staff writer and said "This is where all of the history of Ilvermorny is. Have at it."

I adore the writer. I truly do, but I'm disappointed. The one thing that I am excited about is the "location" of Ilvermorny. It's nestled atop Mount Greylock in Massachusetts. Sure, it's protected by magic so we won't be able to see it, but we can still try. Road trip to Massachusetts anyone?

Just as a little side note to make my love for J.K. Rowling clear, I fully support her banner on Twitter. It hurts because I want to know what she knows, but way to own your status lady!

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