Jim Carrey Is Not Sure How He Feels About Paul Dano's Riddler

Jim Carrey portrayed The Riddler in 1995's Batman Forever, one of the more underrated superhero films. He was campy fun in it, more in line with Frank Gorshin's portrayal in the Batman TV series from the '60s. Decidedly NOT like Gorshin is the current Riddler, played by Paul Dano in The Batman, currently in theaters. This new version is a dramatic departure from what has come before, as this Riddler's love of puzzles is more about madness and him being a psychopath. When asked what he thought of this version, Jim Carrey was not quite sure how to feel about it, though he admits he has not seen it to Unilad.

Jim Carrey Is Not Sure How He Feels About Paul Dano's Riddler
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Jim Carrey Was An Amazing Riddler

"I've not seen it. It's a very dark version. I have mixed emotions about it. To each his own and all that. I love him as an actor; he's a tremendous actor," Jim Carrey told Unilad. "There's a spot of worry in me over gaffer-taping people's faces and encouraging people to do the same. Some sickos out there that might adopt that method. I do have a conscience about the things I choose. Robotnik has cartoon bombs, and no-one gets hurt. I know there's a place for [The Batman], and I don't want to criticize it, but it's not my kind of thing… it's very well done; those movies are very well done."

Carrey has long held those views on using weapons and the responsibility of portraying violence in a responsible manner in media, so this is no surprise that he would not be as into this current version. It is not for everybody. I have talked to many people who feel the same way as Jim Carrey these past few weeks in my comic shop, so his point is valid, even if he has not seen the film.

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