The Internet Just Realized Gantz May Receive Live-Action Film

The popular anime and manga property Gantz is one of the next possible titles to be adapted for a Hollywood live-action film, and there continue to be signs of hope.

The Gantz franchise is one that has already established a consistent audience, running from 2000 to 2013 in manga format (a very rare occurrence) with a monumental 20th anniversary commemorating the impact the series has had on its fans throughout the years. In May of this year, Deadline first reported that Gantz could be getting adapted by Marc Guggenheim for Sony Pictures. Shortly after, Guggenheim (also known for several CW series) confirmed the comment two days later on Twitter when asked by a fan, saying he's "having fun with it."

The cover of Gantz G Volume 1 TPB. Credit: Dark Horse Comics
The cover of Gantz G Volume 1 TPB. Credit: Dark Horse Comics

Somehow the news went unheard of initially due to the context of the other article, but now, people are catching up on the (very) brief reference to a property that has remained strong for two decades. Gantz ran for an impressive 37 volumes before wrapping up, with 20 million total sales for the franchise — and that was seven years ago. More recently, Gantz earned itself a CGI animation film that was released in 2016. Still, the domain has remained relatively quiet since making this 20th anniversary and possible adaptation something to watch out for.

Anime adaptations haven't had the most success in the past with the panned Dragon Ball Evolution film, or the less than popular Ghost in the Shell, making Hollywood reluctant to commit to anime titles. There has been some progress, however, with iconic series like Cowboy Bebop, One Piece, and Naruto, each confirmed to be receiving adaptations as well. Though Cowboy Bebop and One Piece are being produced as series to try a different avenue for anime, there is still so much potential for Hollywood to bring anime to life in film as technology has evolved so rapidly. Perhaps they could even pull off big risks that might not have translated as well in previous films (sorry Dragon Ball…)

Would you like to see Gantz as a live-action movie?

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