The Most Unrealistic Thing About Ted 2

So Ted 2 is out Seth McFarlane's sequel to Ted, the highest grossing R-Rated comedy of all time.

Telling the story of a sentient teddy bear, all grown up alongside the biy who loved him, foul mouthed, drug/alcohol addled wih a penchant for violence. Hijinks ensue, obviously, and the new film sees tot-based civil rights court cases, slaptick with semen, a field of weed and a teddy-bear-liable car crash.

It's all over the place and makes very lttle sense. But amidst all of this, there is one scene that should make the audience stand up and leave complaining that it's gone too far.

When they go to New York, during Comic Con.


And see this sign.

t5Yeah, how exactly? Everyone knows you have to be lucky to get a ticket online in the thirty seconds after they opened months ago, line up at Special Edition a little later and still be lucky, or engage in some raffle-based shananigans at Midtown Comics.


But to walk up on the day?


Okay, Ted might be able to manage it. Hopping into someone's shoulder bag and pretending to be a prop, or maybe playing up his own fame.


But Mark Wahlberg? Not a chance. No one even knows who he is anymore…

t2Still, it was nice to see Jeff Smith get plenty of plugs in the subsequent footage. Newbury Comics and Boom were also prominent.

Say, how about a Seth McFarlane version of Bone? Anyone?



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