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Stephen Weiner
Stephen Weiner's analysis of Jeff Smith's Bone. Since it started being serialized in 1991, Jeff Smith's masterwork Bone has drawn a huge number of readers, intrigued by its subtleties and complexities as the work evolved from a lighthearted romp to a dark fantasy with a richly-built world It is a work worthy of scholarly attention, and[...]
Jeff Smith's Bone #9
Kathleen Glosan of Cartoon Books posted the announcement on social media regarding the health of Bone creator and publisher Jeff Smith She posted; Special Announcement Jeff Smith is recuperating from a cardiac arrest, which he suffered on Sunday There will be a long road to recovery, so regrettably we must cancel the remainder of his book[...]
Jeff Smith To See His Pre-Bone Strips Collected for The First Time
While Bone creator Jeff Smith attended the Ohio State University, he created a comic strip called "Thorn" for the student newspaper, The Lantern, which included some of the characters who later featured in Bone There was a partial collection, with a thousand print run, but nothing since Bone became a big thing And copies have[...]
Jeff Smith's Bone #9
Bone was first self-published by Jeff Smith following the Dave Sim model from 1991 to 2004 Fifty-five issues in all, with Image Comics publishing issues #21-27, before returning to Cartoon Books for issues #28-55 The series was also coloured and reprinted as part of Disney Adventures, gathering ten Eisner Awards during its run[...]
A New Bone Graphic Novel from Jeff Smith For 2023
Jeff Smith has signed a deal with David Saylor and Cassandra Pelham Fulton at Scholastic/Graphix for a new Bone graphic novel to be published in the autumn of 2023  Bone: More Tall Tales is to be a graphic anthology of stories written by Jeff Smith and Tom Sniegoski, and drawn by Jeff Smith, Stan Sakai, Katie[...]
And according to The Wrap, that also means some serious pulling back & change in creative focus when it comes to the streamer's animation- changes that resulted in the cancellation of the long-awaited animated adaptation of Jeff Smith's graphic novel series Bone. Image: Jeff Smith In response to not just the Netflix decision but his graphic novel's[...]
Now as the streamer looks to things like an ad-supported second subscriber tier and cracking down on password sharing among subscribers, The Wrap is reporting a move this week that may have even larger ramifications on the streamer's animation content- a move that's led to the long-awaited animated adaptation of Jeff Smith's graphic novel series[...]
Jeff Smith’s TUKI: Fight For Fire Kickstarter Campaign Debuts May 4
30 years after the first issue of BONE debuted, its creator Jeff Smith is launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund his third creator-owned and self-published comic, TUKI  On May 4, the campaign will debut and if successful, fund two different original black and white graphic novels, that will ship this Summer and Fall respectively. TUKI is creator[...]
Jeff Smith's award-winning comic book series Bone will be making the journey from the printed page to television screens, with Netflix developing an animated adaptation series With Smith (SHAZAM! The Monster Society of Evil, RASL) set to oversee production, the streaming series follows the exploits of the Bone cousins as they cross a vast, uncharted,[...]
Dieselfunk Dispatch
Expect a cast of characters ranging from fellow publishers like Jason Reeves's and the forever gracious Jeff Smith, who have offered tremendous guidance and advice You can surmise that this column will be my journal in a sense. I'll try to keep it fun, nerdy, and informative. Tim Fielder, photo by Ed Marshall Photography NYC And, as promised, a[...]
Jeff Smith Is Making A New 'Bone' Picture Book For 2018 Release
Eisner Award winning cartoonist and 647th most famous person in Ohio, Jeff Smith, is returning to his seminal Bone series for a new picture book in 2018. The book, first reported on Newsarama, will be called Smiley's Dream Book, and is set to hit bookstores next Summer, ahead of an animated Bone movie trilogy announced last[...]
Jeff Smith To Join Rob Liefeld And Trina Robbins In Wizard World's Hall Of Legends
Bone creator Jeff Smith is set to be the third inductee in Wizard World's prestigious Hall of Legends, according to a press release. Following in the tradition of Sir Robert Liefeld and Trina Robbins, Smith will enter the Wizard World Hall of Legends when Wizard World rolls through Columbus in August The award-winning cartoonist whose work[...]
A Brand New Bone Comic By Jeff Smith For July 2016
Apparently three people had to order a comic back then for them to bother ordering it. It's a little easier to purchase now, reprinted repeatedly by Cartoon Books, Image Comics, Scholastic and all across the world, in colour and black and white. And now we get one final story, Bone: Coda, a new comic by Jeff Smith. The 128[...]
Bone's Jeff Smith Introduces A Vampire To Hollywood
The introduction to the new book is by fellow longtime self-publisher Jeff Smith, writer/artist of the worldwide bestselling series Bone. "This is not the last Supernatural Law book," Lash clarifies "My wife Jackie Estrada and I have already published two full-color color books of more-recent stories that appeared online as part of[...]
The Most Unrealistic Thing About Ted 2
No one even knows who he is anymore… Still, it was nice to see Jeff Smith get plenty of plugs in the subsequent footage Newbury Comics and Boom were also prominent. Say, how about a Seth McFarlane version of Bone? Anyone?     So Ted 2 is out Seth McFarlane's sequel to Ted, the highest grossing R-Rated comedy of[...]
Every Comic Is Awesome, With Jeff Smith, Raina Telgemeier And More, At BookCon
Last weekend BookCon, held in New York city, Heidi MacDonald moderated the Comics Are Awesome panel with Ben Hatke (Zita the SpaceGirl), Jennifer Holm (Sunny Side Up), Raina Telgemeier (The Baby-Sitters Club) and Jeff Smith (Bone). All of these talented artists came to Bookcon to talk about their lives in comics, answer questions and share stories[...]
A Mystery New Project From Jeff Smith As Tuki Is Delayed
The next issue of Jeff Smith's ongoing comic book, Tuki Save The Humans #4 will be cancelled, and re-solicited in the October Previews for December shipping. Originally planned for a May release for the tale of the first human to leave Africa, Smith needs more time to rest a resurfacing arm injury. "I noticed my arm was getting numb[...]
From Strip To Script – Bone #1
As you might be able to divine from that being my first comic, I grew up, uh, '90s US Comics Orthodox? Which mainly meant Marvel and DC comics, if I could find them, which was rare…mostly it meant growing up on the X-Men and Batman cartoons, Toy Biz X-Men toys, and various beat 'em ups[...]
At Last, Here Comes Grant Morrison's Miracleman, With Joe Quesada..
15. It will be the first new Miracleman/Marvelman story officially published since the last published issue of the Eclipse run by Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham. Depending on whether you count those issues of Spawn with  Michael Moran and the Man Of Miracles, of course. The annual will also contain a new story by Peter Milligan and Mike Allred; and[...]
Bone Flies The Flag For CBLDF Guide To Comic Book Censorship
The CBLDF, or the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is putting out a CBLDF Banned Books leaflet, available in stores or at shows from July (in time for San Diego Comic Con) and also ahead of Banned Books Week in September. And it comes with a Bone cover by Jeff Smith as, surprisingly, Bone is one of[...]
Jeff Smith's Tuki Save The Humans Gets An Upgrade Before Publication
That was how Tuki: Save The Humans, the new comic from Jeff Smith was solicited Black and white Like how Bone and Rasl started out But, a bit like a Kickstarter goal, it has been upgraded to full colour… Out in July, here's a quick refresher… 2,000,000 years ago, a great ice age gripped the earth, trapping all[...]
Jeff Smith's Bone Was The Tenth Most Banned Book For 2013
In 2010, there was an attempt by a mother in Minnesota to get the all-ages comic Bone banned in state-run libraries due to scenes of smoking and drinking. It failed. Was that that? Well no, there was a move to have the series moved from one recommended age range to another in Texas. But that wasn't enough, apparently. Here's[...]
Jeff Smith's Tuki: Save The Humans, For Free Right Now
  After a webpage launch last year that Jeff Smith compares to that of Obamacare, has relaunched, with the full first season of Tuki: Save The Humans caveman webcomic available free And even the Bones are happy about it. The second season will begin on May 16th, with the first issue in black and white out[...]