Queen Mary Horror Trilogy Starring Alice Eve On The Way

The Queen Mary, the luxury liner docked in Long Beach, CA, the most haunted place in America according to Time Magazine, will get a trilogy of films. Deadline is reporting that Alice Eve will star in at least the first film, named after the ship. Gary Shore (Dracula Untold) will direct the film, with a screenplay written by Stephen Oliver, Tom Vaughan, and Shore himself. Two million people travel to the ship from across the world to visit every year, and with that much recognition, one wonders why it took them this long to get something like this made. It seems like a no-brainer.

Queen Mary Horror Trilogy Starring Alice Eve On The Way
Alice Eve arrives for the InStyle Max Mara Women In Film Celebration on June 11, 2019, in Hollywood, CA. Editorial credit: DFree / Shutterstock.com

The Queen Mary Is Ample Story Ground

"We were immediately obsessed with Gary's intelligent and twisted multi-film take on a great American legend and could not be more excited working with an extremely gifted actor in bringing this story to audiences around the world," said producer Mark Tomberlin. Director Shore added: "I'm fascinated, obsessed, and disturbed by this ship – there's something very dark and human about her. It's a stylistic tightrope between reverence and horror."

I love that he referred to the ship as "her." I do not know a lot about sailing and ships, but I do know that they are all ladies. And few are as interesting as The Queen Mary. Featuring multiple levels for tons of hauntings and horrors, this could be the next great franchise if handled correctly. We need a good anthology-style horror series in theaters going forward; horror is always better when we know there will be another installment coming like clockwork. Say what you will about SAW or Paranormal Activity, but you cannot deny that knowing there would be one every year was comforting and brought a smile to your face, horror fans.

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