The Third Cloverfield Movie Gets Another New Release Date

Yesterday we reported that that the third movie in the Cloverfield series, originally called God Particle, had been pulled from its February release date and, at the time, there wasn't any other information about a new release date. Deadline is now reporting the movie has a new release date of April 20th. The movie, which currently doesn't even have an official title, is now opening the week after The New Mutants and will share its release date with video game adaptation Rampage, the remake of Overboard, and Super Troopers 2.

This is the third release date for this movie. The first was October of last year, then Feburary, and now April. Perhaps they are looking for some new angle to sell the movie with, since the rumored story is "focuses on a group of astronauts aboard an international space station who make a shocking discovery and must fight for their survival," which sounds a lot like Life from last year (which in turn was a lot like Alien). Life didn't do that well at the box office, and the Cloverfield movies, if nothing else, know how to market themselves. If this is the real release date, we can hope they'll be dropping some weird viral marketing campaign in the next few weeks.

The Untitled Cloverfield Movie, directed by Julius Onah, stars David Oyelowo, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Ziyi Zhang, Elizabeth Debicki, Daniel Brühl, and Chris O'Dowd. It will be released on April 20th.

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