Glen Powell Discusses His Respect for Tom Cruise and Top Gun

Tom Cruise and Top Gun are practically synonymous with one another (granted, many of his films have that effect on people), which has led to an obvious choice to revisit Top Gun one day. Because anything with a fandom, positive reception, and a name attached has an opportunity for resurrection, right?

At the time of the first film's theatrical release in 1986, it was made with a price tag of just over $15 million. Not necessarily a huge budget to work with, but still a substantial amount of money to make a movie at any point in time. As it would turn out, the movie would eventually earn over $300 million during its box office run, becoming a defining film for Cruise fans, pilots, and even general action movie fans. Decades later, one of the stars of the film's $150 million dollar sequel Glen Powell (Scream Queens, Top Gun: Maverick), notes that he's no different and that both Cruise and Top Gun hold a special place in his own heart.

Glen Powell Discusses His Respect for Tom Cruise and Top Gun
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In an interview with Du Jour, the talented actor explained his love by sharing, "Tom Cruise is one of the reasons I wanted to get into acting." Powell then goes on to note, "So many pilots became pilots because of Top Gun, and so many actors became actors because of Tom Cruise in this film [the original Top Gun]. There is a moment when you're on set standing next to Tom Cruise next to an F-18 jet-wearing aviators where you think, 'This is as good as it gets.' It was such an out-of-body experience. But I'll say this: I think this is the greatest movie ever made: it's adventure, heart, comedy, it's just epic. Plus, we have 35 years and the benefit of Tom Cruise's career behind us."

Top Gun: Maverick currently holds an approval rating of over 90% on Rotten Tomatoes, with a wide release slated for this weekend, May 27, 2022. Will you be checking out the beloved Top Gun sequel?

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