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Paramount releases two new Zoom backgrounds featuring A Quiet Place Part 2 and Spongebob.

A Quiet Place Part 2, Spongebob Latest Zoom Backgrounds From Paramount

With so many films, including more significant releases like Top Gun: Maverick (also from Paramount, and also with Zoom backgrounds available), Candyman, and especially Minions: The Rise of Gru moving, there is a real chance Spongebob could win the summer box office Abbreviated as it will be, that is still quite the feat for the[...]


Top Gun: Maverick Backgrounds Now Available For Zoom

Top Gun: Maverick has jumped onto the hottest trend on Hollywood right now Paramount Pictures has provided Zoom backgrounds from the upcoming film on their social channels They join Disney, Marvel, DC Comics, and more trying to help spruce up your daily meetings on the now popular video conferencing software These Top Gun backgrounds will[...]

Top Gun: Maverick Featurette (2020) | Movieclips Trailers

"Top Gun: Maverick" New Featurette Debuts After Film Delayed

Top Gun: Maverick is one of the most highly anticipated films of the year A new featurette on the actors getting in the cockpit of the fighter jets in the film debuted online It is a bittersweet watch, after the announcement Thursday that the film has been delayed until December 23rd We don't know yet[...]

"Top Gun: Mavrick": Tom Cruise Talks The Aerial Sequences

"Top Gun", "Spongebob", and "A Quiet Place 2" Get New Release Dates

Top Gun: Maverick, The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run, and A Quiet Place Part 2 are the latest films to get new release dates in the forever changing landscape of theatrical releases Top Gun: Maverick was originally set for June 24th, and will now release on December 23rd over the Christmas holiday Spongebob was originally[...]

Top Gun 4K

'Top Gun' Hits 4K Blu-ray In May, Before 'Maverick' Hits Theaters

Top Gun is finally coming to 4k Blu-ray on May 19th, and not a moment too soon, as the long-in-development sequel Top Gun: Maverick is in theaters this June Well, for now it is anyway, who knows at this point All we do know for sur eis that it never gets old watching the classic[...]

“Top Gun: Maverick” – Director Joseph Kosinski Describes Filming Experience, New Images

"Top Gun: Maverick" – Director Joseph Kosinski Describes Filming Experience, New Images

Top Gun: Maverick continues the adventures of Pete “Maverick” Mitchell (Tom Cruise), who’s taken an instructor role since the events of the 1986 Tony Scott film Director Joseph Kosinski talked to Entertainment Weekly about the plot and differences between his film and the original Top Gun Paramount Pictures provided exclusive images highlighting the new Maverick[...]

Top Gun

Dolores Umbridge, Maverick: 5 Infamous Movie Villains Who Got Away Scot Free

At best she escapes a near-death encounter with angry centaurs and is on the receiving end of a few harmless curses.  This is hardly the satisfaction an audience would demand from someone they watched delighting in the torture of children, a lifelong fear of horses is a very small price to pay.Pete "Maverick"[...]

“Top Gun: Maverick”: Kelly McGillis Says Shes Wasn't Asked to Return

"Top Gun: Maverick": Kelly McGillis Says Shes Wasn't Asked to Return

The hopes for a reunion between Pete “Maverick” Mitchell (Tom Cruise) and Charlotte “Charlie” Blackwood (Kelly McGillis) in Top Gun: Maverick will be dashed McGillis confirmed after talking with Entertainment Tonight that she wasn't asked to return for the 2020 sequel to the 1986 action classic.As Blackwood, McGillis played the love interest for Maverick in[...]

Top Gun

"Top Gun: Maverick" to Soar at San Diego Comic-Con

Those attending 2019 San Diego Comic-Con should be prepared to step back into the danger zone as Paramount and Skydance Media will tease the upcoming film Top Gun: Maverick Non-studio sources tell Deadline Hollywood that cast are being booked on flights and hotels Star Tom Cruise hasn’t been confirmed yet, but it’s unlikely he would[...]

Christopher McQuarrie Can't Say Much About 'Top Gun: Maverick', But-

So what exactly *CAN* Christopher McQuarrie say about Top Gun: Maverick, anyway?According to our friends over at Collider- "It's got planes in it." Well, now that THAT'S out the way....[caption id="attachment_924477" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Christopher McQuarrie during Mission: Impossible- Fallout, photo courtesy of Paramount Pictures[/caption]In a lengthy (and enviable) sit down with Collider EiC Steven Weintraub, Christopher McQuarrie goes in-depth about[...]

Barzinga at Kansas City BBQ to Enjoy Top Gun and SDCC 2018!

The restaurant was also a filming location for Top Gun! The piano used in the film is even there We kick back with a beer, reminisce about Top Gun, and talk comics So grab a drink and join us for tonight's Barzinga![gallery ids="889883,889884,889885"]On tonight's Barzinga we head to Kansas City BBQ in San Diego,[...]

Miles Teller in 2017

Miles Teller to Play Goose's Son in 'Top Gun: Maverick'

It would appear that Top Gun: Maverick (sequel to the 1986 action film) has found its pick to play Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Nick "Goose" Bradshaw's son.[caption id="attachment_876261" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Anthony Edwards as character Goose from "Top Gun"[/caption]In the original film, Anthony Edwards (ER) played Goose, the best friend and co-pilot of Lieutenant Pete "Maverick" Mitchell (as played by Tom[...]

Top Gun: Maverick – Who Will Play Goose's Son?

Top Gun is one of those special '80s films that appeal to pretty much all generations. Tony Scott's film about hotshot Navy pilots remains at the top of several lists -- both nostalgic and enjoyable summer film fare.We know that a sequel is coming -- Top Gun: Maverick reportedly picks up in the modern day with an..[...]

Top Gun

Tom Cruise Posts Image as Top Gun: Maverick Begins Production

Tom Cruise has posted a photo from the filming of Top Gun: Maverick to tease the start of production The 55-year old actor is making a sequel 32 years after the original premiered The original film starred Cruise as Pete Mitchell aka Maverick, a hot shot pilot that broke all the rules and still found himself[...]

Tencent Games's Parent Company Invests in Skydance

Joe, World War Z, and Top Gun.Goldman Sachs & Co LLC acted as financial advisor and Latham & Watkins LLP acted as legal advisor to Skydance Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP acted as legal advisor to Tencent. Skydance Media, LLC, the media company best known for various film projects as well as the video game Archangel,[...]

Top Gun 2 Gets Director And A Release Date

Apparently movie audiences still feel the need, the need for speed in the form of aerial combat pilots returning for Top Gun 2  News of the sequel has been kicking around development hell for the better part of 2 years, never really going away but never really moving forward other than Tom Cruise saying "it's happening".Earlier this[...]

Tom Cruise Reveals The 'Top Gun' Sequel Title

This is why none of us should be surprised that we're getting a sequel to Top Gun but here we are Tom Cruise is currently doing junkets for The Mummy and, according to Deadline, used one of those interviews to reveal the title to the movie; Top Gun: Maverick. "It's not going to be called Top[...]

Oblivion's Joseph Kosinski Rumored Frontrunner To Direct Top Gun 2

Yesterday, we learned that the long-awaited (by somebody) sequel to Top Gun 2 was in the works and would film sometime this year, according to a revelation from star Tom Cruise on an Australian talk show Now, Variety is reporting that Joseph Kosinski, who directed Cruise's lukewarm 2013 sci-fi movie Oblivion, is Paramount's frontrunner to direct the[...]

Tom Cruise Confirms Top Gun 2, Says Filming Will Probably Start This Year

International superstar and high level Scientologist Tom Cruise appeared on Australian morning show Sunrise today and shocked the world by announcing that Top Gun 2 is happening Cruise assured the flabbergasted hosts multiple times that he was being serious, and even said that he would start filming "probably in the next year."Check out the clip:[...]

Top Gun's Kelly McGillis Fends Off An Assault

Top Gun co-star Kelly McGillis fended off an assault in her home last week, according to described in her own Facebook account, the actress wrote that she arrived at her North Carolina home after a lecture last Friday to find her front door open After a few moments of confusion, "a stranger, a woman,[...]