Tragedy Strikes as Daniel Bryan Brutally Assaulted Hours After Announcing In-Ring Return

The WWE UNIVERSE has been waiting years for Smackdown General Manager Daniel Bryan to return to his role as an in-ring competitor, and in a shocking revelation Tuesday, the world learned that the impossible had become real when WWE announced that Bryan, who retired in 2016 due to concussion-related injuries, is medically cleared to compete once more. But the celebration lasted for less than a day, as by the end of Tuesday's edition of Smackdown Live, Bryan was left battered and broken by an assault from former friends Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. After such a brutal beatdown, will Bryan still be able to return to the ring by WrestleMania?

Owens and Zayn were taking revenge on Bryan for firing them, something that Bryan said he was forced to do due to the best frenemies' vicious attack on Smackdown Commissioner Shane McMahon the previous Tuesday. McMahon was horribly injured in that attack, sustaining a laryngeal contusion as well as sprains to his trapezius and rhomboid, according to WWE medical staff. The company has yet to release a report on Bryan's injuries, but if he walks away from the attack with a fully functioning trapezius, and without suffering other common wrestling injuries like perdidit risus or anal bleeding, it will truly be a miracle.

After the show went off the air, WWE's official social media channels asked the question:

While Owens, stealing a phrase from Bryan's emotional speech announcing his return earlier in the evening, tweeted:

Shane McMahon noted:

Zayn was quick to gloat over his actions:

We wish Daniel Bryan the speediest recovery from this brutal wrestling attack, whatever injuries he may have sustained, and hope the doctors write him a prescription to team with Shane to take on Owens and Zayn in a tag team match at WrestleMania.

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